Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Resources on Copyright Law

One of the most frequent questions in my school law class is about copyright. Technology provides instant access to all sorts of resources many of them copyrighted. Many of my students are unclear about what they can use in their classrooms and schools. Interestingly, music and performing arts teachers are among the most knowledgeable primarily because they deal with the issue all the time when selecting music or a play to perform. It's just part of their training.

So I'm always looking for resources that can help people understand what can, and what cannot, be used and how they can assure that their school complies with the requirements of the copyright act. Recently eSchoolNews published an article that provides readers with tips for understanding the copyright law. It's a clear concise guide on the topic. You'll need to have a subscription to eSchoolNews to access the entire article but it is FREE.

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