Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Misconceptions About Today's Youth

I'm fortunate to have lots of time to spend with my grandchildren. Watching them grow has reawakened an interest in how people learn, the sorts of things that stimulate their learning, and the way they process and make sense of things. Too often we act on incomplete information or misconceptions. As a former middle school teacher and principal I'm keenly aware of how misconceptions about students can shape the response of adults. eSchool News recently included a story about common misconceptions about today's youth. The article debunks some beliefs that are commonly held about today's students. Included are five myths that are just not accurate.

  • They're all tech-savvy.
  • They're disengaged.
  • They're not good communicators.
  • Students from poor families can't succeed.
  • They're never outdoors.

This article really made me think about the myths we carry around with us about youth. Our beliefs shape the way we teach and interact with students. We must assure that they are accurate and that we don't judge students, and their potential, based on misconceptions.

I'd welcome your thoughts about today's youth and the power of beliefs to shape the way we lead our lives.

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  1. I myself being one of these 'miscreants' find it deeply frustrating when people form false ideas about me and my friends. I am glad that someone has finally disproved them although ironically I am quite 'tech savvy'and although I wouldn't consider myself to be from a poor background, I am a good communicator and I'm not disengaged. I watch the news every day and I find the current news very intriguing.
    I take my virtual hat off for you Ron.