Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Power of Professional Learning Networks (PLN's)

Social media and other forms of technology provide powerful tools for people to take charge and manage their own learning. A Professional Learning Network (PLN) is the term used to describe a network of online colleagues and friends who support one another's learning. While a PLN can occur face-to-face increasingly they occur online and allow you to tap into the knowledge and expertise of people who hold a similar job but with whom you are not acquainted. They also allow you to access information and tools from professional organizations and experts in your area of interest. eSchoolNews recently included a story about the power of PLN's. It can help you consider how a PLN can support your continued learning.

Google offers a set of tools for creating a PLN (http://sites/ Another useful site is Once a Teacher ( Some of my students create a Twitter account as a way to connect with professional friends and colleagues.

You can read more about how a PLN can support your learning and the learning of others in your school in my recent book, co-authored with Dr. J. Howard Johnston, The School Leader's Guide to Social Media available from Eye on Education.

I'd enjoy hearing from you about how you continue your own professional learning.

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