Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dealing with Resistant Teachers

One of the biggest roadblocks to educational change is resistance from teachers, parents or other stakeholders. I understand that everyone deals differently with change. Some are more accepting, others more resistant. People often resist change because they are anxious about the implications. Often resistors have legitimate needs for information, training or support. There may be a conflict between their personal beliefs and the proposed change or there motives may be driven by concern for students rather than outright resistance.

While it is true that some people resist because that's who they are, they love being the "known resistor, most people don't readily embrace that role. They are genuinely concerned. A recent article on ASCD Express share strategies for "turning resistant teachers into resilient teachers." It outlines four categories of resistors and provides strategies and tips that school leaders can use to overcome the resistance.

I'd enjoy hearing from you about your experience with resistance and how you've worked to overcome that resistance.

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