Saturday, February 1, 2014

Leading Schools in an Era of Declining Resources

American schools have been hit with a tsunami of budget cuts and retrenchments that have buffeted most, crippled some and devastated others. At the same time, they face demands for ever-increasing accountability for student performance, major curriculum revisions and more public scrutiny and criticism for lapses in performance.

Howard Johnston and I receive lots of requests from principals and other school leaders about how to respond in this environment. This led us to write Leading Schools in an Era of Declining Resources as a guide for leaders who must make practical decisions about how to adjust to, and even prosper in, this new economic environment.

Neither of us is an expert on school finance. But we've been in the same position as so many of today's school administrators---having to do more with less, sometimes a lot less, and sometimes quickly and definitively. We've both worked in states that experienced tremendous economic hardship and both faced the stress of cutting personnel, reducing or eliminating programs, and working with angry staff and anxious parents and students.

Our new book will is now available for pre-order at Routledge, or It will be available in early June.

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