Monday, January 20, 2014

10 Things School Leaders Do to Kill Enthusiasm for Technology

In late December NASSP sent an email that included links to the top articles of 2013. One of them caught my eye, Ten Ways Principals Kill a Teacher's Enthusiasm for Technology. I remember reading it earlier in the year but found the reminders very helpful. I work with lots of principals who struggle with how to balance the need for infusing technology as a valuable instructional tool with the resistance that is associated with any change. The dilemma is that our students often are far more knowledgeable about the latest technology and how the way it can improve teaching and learning.

The article is a helpful reminder about how leaders must model the use of technology, value its use and support teachers as they use it in their classrooms. Mandates almost always never work. Support, encouragement and adequate professional development do.

I'd enjoy hearing from you about how strategies you use to successfully work with your teachers to increase the use of technology.

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