Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blogs for School Leaders

There are incredible resources available on some of the blogs designed for principals. Here are some of my favorites.

Get Organized!
Devoted to making life easier through organization and time management this blog is written by Frank Buck author of
Get Organized! Time Management for School Leaders.

A Principal’s Reflections
NASSP Digital Principal of the Year and Principal of New Milford (NJ) High School shares his ideas about using technology to improve student learning.

Connected Principals
This site provides a forum for principals to ask questions, share ideas. Each principal has a different experience but the goal is to share best practices and engage in professional learning

Education Week Blogs
Education Week has a whole collection of blogs including leadership, technology, parents and community, charters and school choice, and rural education. They’re updated regularly and are great resources for staying up-to-date.

Even after several years of using the Internet I continue to be amazed at the rich array of resources available online. I hope you find these resources helpful and invite you to share useful resources you’ve found online.

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  1. Ron, thanks for mentioning my blog. I am always glad to welcome new readers, and hope they find practical strategies to make their work easier.