Thursday, September 5, 2013

Importance of Shared Vision

As another school year gets underway I'm reminded of how important the principal's vision is in setting the direction for their school. Often a vision is thought of as just words on paper, but a vision is a dynamic roadmap for strengthening a school. I often refer to it as a compass. A compass provides direction but can also help you to get back on track when events pull you away from your vision. A compass is always on target, pointing toward "true" north.

Here are four of my favorite resources on the importance of the principal's vision and how a principal can work with their faculty and community to create a shared vision.
  • Southwest Educational Development Lab (SEDL) on the importance of vision
  • Maryland Department of Education’s website on the importance of vision.  Read the material on the “Principal’s Role in Creating a Vision.” You may find the two exercises on identifying core beliefs and creating a shared vision useful as you develop your vision for your school. 
  • Marzano Center - Setting the Direction for a School-Wide Vision 
  • Association for Middle Level Education - Read an article that discusses Peter Senge's discussion of learning communities and building shared vision.
I'd enjoy learning about your personal vision for your school and how you work with your community to nurture and sustain that vision.

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