Thursday, April 11, 2013

Effective Teacher Evaluation

In almost every state there are changes in the teacher evaluation system. Some are very directive. Others  provide districts with options. But in nearly every case the focus is on improving accountability for student learning and providing more defined criteria to measure teacher performance. But changes in teacher evaluation are not the only changes. Similar laws are being adopted to change the evaluation system for principals and other school leaders.

I'm always looking for helpful resources that can inform the work of principals and recently found an article on eSchoolNews that identifies six steps to effective teacher development and evaluation. Three ideas stand out from the others.
  • include evidence of teaching and student learning from multiple sources
  • use information to provide constructive feedback to teachers, not shame them
  • adjust the system over time based on new evidence and feedback.
While principals legitimately struggle with the mandates around evaluation, it is critical that we recognize one of a principal's most important roles, to hire, nurture and retain high quality teachers. Sound evaluation systems support these efforts and include a way to recognize the incredible contributions that most teachers make to student learning.

I'd enjoy hearing from you about how your state or district is dealing with the changing expectations about teacher evaluation.

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