Thursday, October 4, 2012

Resources for New Principals.

NASSP (National Association of Secondary School Principals) recently launched an initiative to support new K-12 principals. The Center for New Principals provides a comprehensive set of tools and other resources for new principals. Click on "Special Topics of Interest for New Principals" to access a list of topics. NASSP is a member organization but many of the resources are public domain and available at this site.

One link is to a set of survival skills that discusses time management, dealing with difficult people, crisis management and seeking balance between professional and personal responsibilities.

Another link takes you to resources on school improvement. Topics include collaboration and vision, change, and data-driven decision-making.

I'm always looking for great tools and other resources for new as well as experienced principals. I'd enjoy hearing from you about resources you find helpful.

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  1. Thank you Ron- excellent resource. As a new principal, this will come in handy. Appreciate your post.