Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Student Use of Technology

Students are far more familiar with how to use technology than most adults. I was reminded of how creative students can be a few days ago when I met with four principals from the L'Anse Creuse Public Schools (MI). They shared three incidents that illustrate how technology continues to impact principals' work. Each of the incidents involved texting.
  • A middle school student failed a math test and sent a text to their mother about the results. Within minutes the child's teacher received an e-mail from the mother demanding extra help for their son and the opportunity to take the test again.
  • The other incidents also involved texting. In one two students were accused of some infraction. Once confronted and while briefly left alone before meeting with the assistant principal, they exchanged texts about the alibi they would use. It's a creative way to "get your story straight."
  • The third incident also involved a parent. In this case a student broke his thumb while participating in a physical education class. He sent a text about the accident to his mother and she arrived in the school office before her son arrived from the locker room.
I'm fascinated by the ways that technology has changed all of our lives and enjoy learning about the ways that schools are using technology to improve their instructional program. It's clear that students and their families are also skilled at using technology to stay in constant communication. These are three great examples. I'd enjoy hearing about your experience with the growing use of technology.

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