Monday, February 15, 2010

Make a Mental Adjustment

The principalship is a complex job requiring a person to juggle an incredible array of responsibilities. Principals often tell me that the weeks during the middle of the school year are particularly difficult. I've found that your attitude toward your work greatly influences your success. When I was a principal I liked to focus on positive things, rather than negative, to build momentum for success.

The following examples illustrate how you can adjust your attitude about some of the things you do every day. If you want to make a change start with the way you think about what you are doing. Focus on the positive progress you make each day, whether it is delegating a task or taking the time to mentor a potential leader. Think about your personal vision on a regular basis. Write it on an index card where you can see it regularly.

Negative Thoughts

Positive Thoughts

I’ll never have an empty inbox.

I’m cleaning out my inbox everyday.

I’ll never get caught up.

Today, I choose to make progress on my task list.

100% of our students can’t meet standards.

I’ll make a positive impact on at least one child today.

It’s impossible to keep everyone happy.

Every interaction I have with people will be sincere regarding their behavior.

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